Best friends.

When my dogs are playing, it’s just so interesting to watch. I like seeing my new dog (Pickles) try and make friends with Bruno (the old dog). Bruno’s whole life has always been inside the house. He’s rarely been out and he has never made any dog friends. I actually think that he thinks he’s also a human being, because only people have surrounded him all his life. He likes people a lot, even the strangers. When he does try to go out with us to dog parks though, he gets really stressed and anxious about meeting new dog friends. He always poops himself in front of many. Other dogs try to approach the poor guy and tries to make friends. He constantly avoids them and just does not even try to be friendly.

So now, Pickles, a 3 month old mini Dachshund, is constantly trying to befriend Bruno. Bruno still avoids him, but I think in due time he has to accept the fact he has a new brother. I like seeing Pickles trying to make friends with him everyday, even if he always gets shut off. Pickles tries and tries over and over again just to make this old dog like him. I really like the idea of it. When someone constantly tries to push you away… you don’t ever just give up on them. Maybe they just need time to open up to new things. Everyone has their own pace. Even if it takes longer than expected, at least Bruno will have at least one friend in his entire 14-year life. Before Pickles, Bruno was the only best friend I have. But it sure doesn’t hurt to see the two of them get along, and be the ultimate best friends ever.

I hope little Pickles can be more patient with an old dog like Bruno. But in a span of a week, I’ve seen persistence in Pickles and I’m proud of him for it. I’d like to try and be like Pickles. Be more patient, and never give up on the ones who need you the most. Because out of the tens of millions of dogs around the world, they managed to wind up together, and I think every thing that is happening will always have a reason. Even a teeny tiny, but meaningful reason.

I hope your dogs have their own best friends as well, and that they live a healthy and happy life 🙂

Image result for dogs playing at home

and by playing, i did not mean poker. 😉

I hope your day has been going swell as well! 😀



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