Rain, please go away.

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It barely feels like I have left home. I felt like I was in a trance this whole day. I only had one class to take today, and then afterwards I’m homebound. This day has been pretty boring, despite the fact that Sen. Miriam Santiago has passed away, nothing seemed interesting today. It rained all day again, but it was just a drizzle. These past few days have been extra gloomy, and the weather isn’t helping at all. I have been itching to try something new at the moment, any would be fine for me. I know I could but this weather makes me feel so lazy, so I just end up staying at home and stare at the wall the whole day.

Since I can’t put anything interesting about my day in here as of this moment and I am clearly unmotivated to do anything related to school, let me just tell you some stories I’ve been making. Take note that these are simply a thread on the fabric of my imagination, and I am not claiming these to be good whatsoever, I just wanna share it. 🙂

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“In Just A Matter of Time”

There was once this lovely family of three, who had one particular child, whose mother always said to “go play in your room”. The little one was always so obedient, that he got bored staying inside his room. So one night, the little one sneaked out of the room and explored the house. It didn’t realize that the house was enormous. It was scared to go exploring at first but he brought his trusty flashlight along with him and on it went. It first arrived on a tiled surfaced room, it saw these horrific things that has some knobs on it that can produce fire. Interestingly, it saw a counterpart of it; that has doors opening to winter. Seemingly, this did not gain the little one’s interest. So it goes on with the adventure and stumbles upon a room that is quite small and dark. The little one is afraid of the dark. It gets out the torch and shines it upon the room. The light directs it to a small plain door. It gets curious and opens it. The little one saw nothing in it but screws, and hinges. The place stunk of metal. The little one ventures deeper into the strange room. It sees a chubby old man wearing a trench coat and huge glasses. “Come here, kid!” The old man says. The little one was scared to go to the strange old man, but eventually, it listened to what the old man might say. “Ya see, kid. This time-table here is broken. I need ya to help me fix it. Can you do that?” The little one did not answer. “Do you have a name, child?” Asked the old man. “My name is-” The old man cut the little one short. “I’ll call ya Rivet.” The old man was busy tinkering with the time-table, and he did not realize that Rivet was still standing there. Rivet was really confused about this whole scenario, and didn’t really know what to do, or what to make out of it. “Ya see, Rivet, this whole time-table is in shambles. The sun is supposed ‘ta be out and about, but we ‘gots stuck for a long time now in the glow of the moonlight.” The old man paused. “I have this whole responsibility in me hands, and peoples are supposed ‘ta be workin’ at their jobs.” Rivet’s flashlight was acting up, and at the process of trying to fix it, The light shined on to the time-table. Daylight went up and it was dawn. But when Rivet turned the lights back off, it was night again. “Kid, this might sound weerd but, i’m leaving this time-table onta yer hands now. I need ya to take care of the time, ya understand? I’ll be here ‘ta guide you for a short while, but ye old man won’t be around for long.” The old man exclaimed. Young little Rivet was puzzled, but he didn’t seem to understand it one bit. Young, playful Rivet laughed it off, and went to bed.

Rivet continued to go to this place for a good long while, and as it brought the flashlight along to play with, Rivet did not realize that this sped up the time. It made Rivet’s voice change, it made young little Rivet grow taller. It made old man time more wrinkly and frail, And at this moment Rivet understood what the crazy old man was trying to say. “This ain’t yer fault kid, but this will be up to you if ya think it needs to be mornin’ again.” Rivet tried and tried countless times to turn back the days and the time ruined. But never could do it. The old man told Rivet that the kid he met a hundred days ago was the closest he could get to for a family. “Ya know, Rivet. I called you that for a reason.” The old man paused for a brief while. “Rivets’re used to join two pieces together. Not only did ya shine a light on that time-table; whatevr’ magic ya did, ya also helped this poor old man gain a new friend. Ya put my life in a new perspective and I learned that it’s not always about fixing everything the way it was supposed to be.” The old man shed a tear in his wrinkled eye. “Don’t ya forget yer old man.” Rivet looked at the frail old man, hands held together. The old man passed away all too soon. And now it was up to young, brave Rivet to change the tides of time.

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I don’t know if I’m going to end it there, but for the time being, I would. If that story makes any more progress, i’ll update it 🙂

Rest in peace to the Iron Lady of Asia

and to ‘yer old clockwork man









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