Sun, rain, sun and rain.

It’s been quite an off weekend for me, as the clouds and the weather mimic it. The weather is quite a mirror of my feelings today. Though it really is beautiful. A summer rain kind of feel. My mom absolutely hates it, as she elaborated earlier about how this weather is so unpredictable. That’s why she carries her umbrella with her all the time. Great job mom! 🙂

I started watching the series Mr. Robot last night at 3 am, not really sure why I stayed up that late but I enjoyed it. 1 episode in and i’m already down to watch all of it. I absolutely love the cinematography, the character acting, the main plot. I can’t help but feel so intrigued about it, and immersed in the show. What if the universe really is just an illusion? That the world is just a social contruct? Nothing is real? I will never find the answer to those questions. But I do know somthing, and that is the show is 11/10 awesome.

Right now i’m currently out for dinner, and i’m just trying to get the best out of this day as much as I can. Because tomorrow, we’re all going back to work. I hope the sun’s shining brightly on your part, where ever you may be 🙂 



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