The weather is moody today.

I woke up at exactly 11:30 a.m. today. The reason I woke up extremely late is because my friends and I stayed up playing SMITE all night long, and I honestly did not expect I would like the game. It’s like a MOBA game but in 3rd person view, and the graphics are just amazing. My favorite Gods so far while playing the game last night were Neith and Poseidon, both of which are very very powerful. Not to brag, but just to let you know how powerful they were even if a player has zero skill in smite, I got a triple kill in my first game. I. Did. Not. Expect. That!!! Also, you can download the game on Steam. FOR FREE.

I was late for our fencing training today, 1 hour late to be precise, it was because the clouds decided to cry harder than usual. I personally love rain, but only when I am staying indoors. I absolutely hate going out drenched in my clothes even before I get to my exact destination. And where I live, it would be very dirty and muddy to walk around in the rain. Plus, people could easily get pissed about small things; the littlest things. Even if you just bump into them they’d go “tsk” at you.

Upon arrival to school, I immediately catch up on training because everyone else already did warm-ups. To be honest, I’m not very eager to train today, because I really wanted to sleep more. But there will be a small competition that I am going to partake in soon, so I need to be prepared for it, and my body needs to be conditioned.

After our weekly sweat-out, I head over to class. Today we did something a bit interesting. Cut-out animation. As I was always the unprepared one, I did not have anything to animate with. Luckily, my friend brought us some cool construction paper.


I came up with this little fella, riding his pimpin’ ride.

My story was fairly simple, but twisted. This adorable chicken was riding into town one day, and a group of milk cartons stood in his way and he just straight up floored them. There was even a scene where he just gets out of his car and holds out a cutter and just murdered the carton. My friend asked me where I got this idea from, I frankly answered, “I don’t know. I guess the chicken just wanted to show these farm boys who’s boss. It’s him. The alpha cock.”

The alpha cock in the making.

The weather might be a little bit too moody today, but eventually things turned around. I had a great time at school, my friends made me laugh till I snorted, I ate spicy ramen noodles and dumplings for dinner, it was a great time. This week had nothing but rain and gloomy vibes, But for it to be happy as the way you want it to be, it’s the people in your life that make it brighter. They will always be that rainbow after the rain. 🙂

 Home sweet home.

This is only my third post for this blog of mine, but amidst the process, I realize that even if I feel that my day is just plain and regular, once I type all of it down, I can already re-live the events that went on today, and that makes me happy. I absolutely love typing these things down, and I’m sure one day I’ll come back to read this and remember this day again.

If somebody out there is reading this, I want you to know that you are amazing, you need to appreciate yourself more and give yourself the love you deserve. 🙂

Tell them that you love them, and make sure you speak from the heart.



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