A gloomy day

It’s honestly hard to get up in the morning when the weather’s all gray and cold. I’d very much like to just stay in bed all day and simply fall asleep. It’s the 20th today, which means it’s my sister’s birthday today, which also means we get to have really delicious food today! 🙂

As I type this, I am sitting at a train station waiting for an empty train to come by. I love commuting to school, simply because I can think clearly rather than getting on a car, being comfortable and all, it would make me fall asleep. I like the idea of commuting; you get to see strangers whom you’ve never seen before, every train ride has a different set of people, some are a lovely bunch, some may have started their days badly. It’s all rather puzzling to look at people and picture what’s on their minds. I like to make stories out of these everyday experiences, just trying to picture what their days might become.

I hope my day would be the exact opposite of this sad, gloomy weather. I hope yours do too. 😉


Daily commutes on my way to school

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